Go With The Flow


7PM - welcome dinner and drinks!

We will continue the evening with traditional get-to-know-you games. Picture your very first CIT (Counselor In Training) social at age 14 - just as awkward but more fun. Then as the stars come out we'll build a campfire. Bring your favorite campfire song, a guitar, your best joke, a funny skit, or a scary story to share around the fire.

Choose to stay up as late as you wish, wander through the woods (at your own risk!) or stargaze in the field. There's no curfew here, so you don't have to worry about sneaking out!

camp weekend 2019 night sky.jpg


Wake up and wander into the mess hall at your own pace for a casual breakfast. We'll have a casual build-your-own breakfast of yogurts, granola, bagels, and english muffins.

This morning, you'll have free-time to explore the campgrounds by day. Think of activities like going for a hike at the local reservation, running the trails around camp, stretching via waterfront yoga, or take the time to relax and read a book!

We'll gather for lunch all together and announce the teams for our afternoon activities. Everyone will have rest hour to digest, catch up on sleep, gossip with friends about the camper that was flirting with you by the campfire last night, or to write love letters to faraway friends that couldn't make it. Take this time to recharge, wash up, and put on your athletic gear before the competitions begin!

Color Olympics will test your limits and your sportsmanship. Every year we have new games and challenges like sloshball, spud, capture the flag, running and screaming, and we tend to end with a relay race. Start your training now :)

The losing team will prepare and cook our dinner - a traditional camp cookout on picnic tables or in a circle in the grass - don't forget your Crazy Creek chair! We will close the evening with a surprise camp activity.

camp weekend 2019 yellow team wins.jpg


For anyone who has ever attended sleep-away camp, the last day is always the hardest.

We'll try to make this one easier by keeping it short and sweet. We'll provide a make-your-own-breakfast buffet and a closing lunch of leftovers will be served. Say farewell to your new friends - until next year, when we meet again!

If you want to linger a little longer, we have the campgrounds reserved throughout the afternoon, so feel free to stay and soak it all in. We have no planned activities today, so enjoy at your own pace.