sleeping accommodations.jpeg


What You Need to Pack

We don't want you to miss out on any of the fun! Below is a list of suggested items to bring along for the weekend adventure.


- Pillow

- Sleeping bag, mat or blow-up mattress (mattress is highly recommended!)

- A sleep mask or earplugs, if you're a light sleeper (remember, we'll all be in the same boathouse!)

- Warm, warm, warm and toasty clothes (Holly Swanson is bringing a heating blanket, repeat campers know whats up!)


- Active wear for Saturday's activities

- Sneakers for Saturday's activities

- Sandals for walking around camp grounds (bonus points for watershoes!)

- Warm, comfy clothes for when it cools down at night (x2 because you'll smell like campfire on Friday)

- Extra warm clothes to layer on top of the warm clothes above (burr!)

- Extra warm socks (seriously it gets cold!)

- A sweatshirt or jacket (something you can sleep in, to keep toasty, it gets colder than you think on a sunny day!)

- Clean PJs

- Don't forget clean underwear!

- Raincoat, just in case


- Yoga mat, for Saturday morning

- Flashlight, headlamp, or both

- Beach towel

- Swim suit, there will be sun, bring it even if you think you might not swim!

- Your journal or book, if you want to recharge

- Stationary and envelopes, if you want to send letters home

- Board games, if you have Bohnanza, BRING IT!

- Any snacks or beverages, if you want anything specific!


- Bug spray, bug spray, BUG SPRAY (deep woods with deet - be safe!)

- Sunscreen

- Face wash

- Toothbrush & toothpaste

- Deodorant (no one likes a stinky camper)

- A towel - for your face

- Biodegradable soap - if you want to take a soapdip!