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will you help me bring the camp magic to life?

For Camp Court 2023, join me in helping send grieving kids to a week of Experience Camps.



A little background on Camp Court & the 2023 goal: 

2018: Camp Court was created. Within a month we had a camp, a plan, and 34 RSVPs. Ya'll showed up and made my camper dreams come true. My dad died. I heard the news, towel in hand as I was about to step out onto the docks of Camp Court to look up at the starry night sky. My world shifted flipped down. Your camp spirit, love and support was what got me through. 

2019: We showed up bigger & better than before. 50+ registrations for Camp Court. Yellow Team won the Color Olympics. We hoisted the Yellow Team bandana on the flagpole. Ya'll reminded me my Dad was still there. 

2020: My goal was to match 2019 in spirit (and numbers!) to send one grieving kid to camp. 50 campers. Fifty ($50) "Registration Fees" turned donations. $2,500. One fully-funded week of Experience Camps for one grieving kid. We did it. We did it in under 48 hours! In fact, we ended up fundraising over $5,000 to send TWO kids to camp.

2021: It was my 30th birthday. It was the 3 year anniversary of my Dad dying. My Dad loved nothing more than his 3 kids. So the goal was to match his love by fundraising to send 3 grieving kiddos to camp (a goal of $7,500!) We breezed right on past it: we raised $10,910 and sent FOUR KIDS TO CAMP. Then we celebrated big, big, BIG at Camp Weekend.

*Phew.* If ya'll have made it this far, cheers to you.

2022: At this point, I had just wrapped up my first camp season as the Senior National Program Manager for Experience Camps. I was tiiiiired. Instead of hosting camp weekend, I chose to rest and regenerate in Vancouver with my summer camp BFF. We still fundraised though: $2,524 to be exact. My aunt, also my godmother, died from ALS on my birthday. My brother joked that it was very "on brand." He's not wrong... 

FOR 2023: We're back. Bigger than before. For the last year ever.

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We believe that every child deserves to live a life rich with possibility.

Experience Camps is a nonprofit that champions the nation’s 5.3 million bereaved children and runs a network of no-cost camps that help grieving children thrive. Our programming for young people builds their coping resources, confidence, and resilience so they can experience a life rich with possibility. Our content addresses childhood grief as an urgent health issue while helping to establish a more grief-smart culture for all of us.

Since 2009, Experience Camps has transformed the lives of thousands of children by reframing the experience of their grief and empowering them with the confidence, skills, and support to move forward with their lives.

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