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camp weekend - saturday 2019 start of co


The Original Idea & The Original Vision

I got this idea to throw a big, huge sleepover for my birthday.

To gather all my friends from all over the world, from all parts of life, under one roof for one weekend. To intermix Churchill street friends with Boulder college friends, to blend friends from New Trier and mis amigos mexicanos y sevillanos with my EF teammates who are really more just friends, to mash up my closest Camp friends with my Boston honeys.

Kind of a wild, and weird, idea.

But, aren’t birthdays the one time of the year where we can get away with making an exceptionally weird request?

I had this vision that my friends from all over the place would get to see my not-so-new home in Boston. At the time, I had been living here three and a half years and, the longer I stay, the more I think I’ll stay even longer. But my heart is still tied to Sevilla, CDMX, and Colorado, so I wondered maybe if I brought all those people here for one weekend a year that maybe it would be easier to stay and dig roots even deeper.

I had this vision that we’d all be under one roof, in one room, in sleeping bags and blow-up mattresses staying up late telling stories or, maybe, watching movies projected onto a white sheet draped on the wall. Or maybe we’d be on the docks of a summer camp watching the stars. Just picture the perfect blend of Friday-night sleepovers and the most special nights of summer camp.

I had this vision that it wouldn’t be about me or a celebration of my birthday. THIS WAS IMPORTANT. It would be this celebration of my friends from all over from every year of life. It would be a way to get all the people I love to meet all the people I love, because I think you should all know each other because... well.... I just really love you all! But I also realize it’s kind of hard and maybe unnatural to essentially force friends from all walks of life to become friends. SO I had this vision, that we’d play super fun, kinda weird camp games to break the ice.

I had this vision that, just maybe, it could become an annual weekend for us to reconnect with our friends. With the rush of life and the constant "busy" that comes with work and adulthood, it is hard to coordinate weekends away to visit with different groups of friends. So what if we committed to one weekend to reconnect? 

I am THRILLED that so many of you helped make this vision come true - year after year after year. 

I am EVEN MORE EXCITED that you will continue in the tradition of bringing this vision to life every year to come.

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